With over 400 projects implemented in more than 65 countries, Cowater is Canada’s leading firm in international development project management.  Cowater’s primary focus is on improving the public, social, economic, and infrastructure challenges of emerging countries.  After more than 30 years in operation, Cowater has established itself as a world leader in state modernization, economic growth, gender equality and respect for the environment.

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Cowater Press Releases

January 2017: Cowater’s 18M, five-year project, Improved Oversight of the Extractives Industry in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa officially launches

Cowater’s 18M, five-year project,  Improved Oversight of the Extractives Industry in Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa (PASIE) officially launches. The project...

December 2016: Cowater to Begin New Rural Electrification Project in Burkina Faso

Following an official release by the Prime Minister of Canada, Cowater is pleased to announce it will soon begin...

November 2016: Cowater Sponsorship of Junior Team Canada Delegate to Peru

Cowater is a proud sponsor of Junior Team Canada (JTC) member, Justice Eashappie, as he joins the Global Vision...

October 2016: Thought Leadership Series: Building Foundations for Climate Resilience

Cowater White Paper no03 vr3.0- October – Revised In this issue of The Cowater White Papers, we discuss how to...

October 2016: Cowater Begins Implementation of Major Health Initiative in Malawi

Cowater International Inc., in partnership with Plan International Canada and the Society for Obstetricians Gynaecologists of Canada, is very...

September 2016: Thought Leadership Series: Canada’s Development Finance Institution

Cowater discusses Canada’s chance to change the way it practices development for better.

August 2016: First iPad Mini 4 Winner Announced in Barbados

Today, Cowater and the Barbados Water Authority presented Mr. Hallum Collins with the first of five iPad mini 4s...

August 2016: Thought Leadership Series: Renewable Energy – Driving Economic Growth

Cowater examines the link between energy access for the poorest and most vulnerable, and sustainable economic growth    

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