At Cowater we strive to develop customized projects that address the unique situation of each client while bringing international best practices; modern and appropriate infrastructure; and information technology (IT) solutions. Our solutions address specific needs and challenges at the government, institution, industry partner, community, and individual level providing capacity building and participatory approaches that are client driven and sustainable. This approach ensures all stakeholders are a part of project design, decision-making and follow-up.

Our Approach enables us to:

  • Assist all beneficiaries to come together and articulate their needs, mobilize resources, and plan and manage change together
  • Facilitate institutional strengthening and reform to improve and strengthen governance and accountability
  • Promote effective resource management delivering results efficiently, effectively and economically
  • Deliver modern, appropriate, and reliable physical infrastructure including water, sanitation and energy
  • Deliver the highest quality results that are on time and on budget