November 2016: Cowater Sponsorship of Junior Team Canada Delegate to Peru

Cowater is a proud sponsor of Junior Team Canada (JTC) member, Justice Eashappie, as he joins the Global Vision delegation to Lima, Peru this week.  Justice will participate as the First Nations Representative to the JTC delegation.  Timed with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Lima, where leaders of the 21 countries from the Pacific rim will meet to talk trade. JTC and youth delegates from those countries will take part in a political dialogue on global issues called Voices of the Future.


This is Justice’s second JTC mission having previously participated in a mission to Colombia where he had the opportunity to meet with the mining industry and explore corporate social responsibility activities with Indigenous People.  With a full delegation agenda, Justice has already met with Cowater’s Peru team to learn about our ongoing work to support environmental management of mining and energy activities in Peru (MEGAM Project) . While there, Justice and the JTC APEC team will be meeting with the Prime Minister for a dialogue about their personal mandates, and this is where he will be able to share his story about the MEGAM project.

We will continue to provide updates from Justice’s mission in the coming days.



Client: Global Affairs Canada

This project aims to streamline how the Peruvian Government handles environmental impact assessments for mining and energy projects while strengthening the rigour and analysis of these assessments. Specifically, the project intends to consolidate the leadership role of the Ministry of the Environment over environmental issues related to large mining and energy projects and strengthen the capacity of regional governments responsible for handling the environmental impact assessments of small and medium-scale mining projects. Key activities include: participatory diagnostic of the current normative framework for the environmental assessment and management process; technical assistance to key stakeholders for the development of employees training program in environmental management; and operational and technological support for environmental management and enforcement.