Climate Change

Climate change is having a disruptive impact on economies and people throughout the world. Cowater helps mitigate the negative impacts of climate change by providing services to clients that improve the management and planning of climate change responses. Our emphasis is on supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy. Our approach is informed by the engagement of businesses, governments and people affected most. Our long term goal is supporting the ability of developing countries to be resilient to climate change while also supporting opportunities for economic growth.

Our Expertise includes:

  • Multi-stakeholder engagement and training.
  • Project design and technical assistance for both clean energy and adaptation projects.
  • Infrastructure assessment, design, reform based on climate considerations.
  • Climate risk/vulnerability assessments and profiles.
  • Drought management and agricultural adaptation.
  • Water resource planning (under climate change).
  • Environmental assessments and protection.
  • Installation of renewable energy alternatives (solar, wind, biomass).
  • Improving the ability of people and economies to adapt to the impacts of extreme weather.