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10 May, 2021

Canada and the European Union share a relationship that is anchored in deep economic and trade links, a commitment to democratic principles, respect for human rights and a rules-based international order.

These fundamental values are reflected in a robust collaboration across a gamut of international development areas, which are central to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and advancing an inclusive and gender-centred development agenda.

First, Canada and the European Union share a common vision for building a better world through investments in human capital and a focus on promoting the rights of women and girls. Advancing gender equality, and women’s empowerment and leadership across all walks of life, is essential to build peaceful and inclusive societies, and to advance security and resilience.

Second, Canada and the European Union recognize that achieving sustainable development is inextricably linked to addressing the effects of climate change on economies and societies. Through supporting effective adaptation solutions to build more sustainable and productive food systems; advancing investments in renewable energy to create more competitive economies; and reducing ocean pollution to protect biodiversity and ensure the sustainable management of marine resources, Canada and the EU advance development solutions that are central to building shared prosperity and protecting the environment.

Finally, in a world where the frequency of diverse external shocks is increasing, threatening to overturn gains in poverty reduction and years of progress in socio-economic development, Canada and the European Union stand together in their vision of building a more green, inclusive, and resilient world that is better able to face future shocks, whilst protecting the most vulnerable.

As a global development company headquartered in Ottawa, and with a strong institutional presence in Brussels, we are delighted to be bridging the values shared by Canada and the European Union in advancing implementation excellence and innovative development solutions.

In April we celebrated our 36th anniversary. This event coincided with a major milestone in our company’s history. The full integration of Brussels-based Transtec company into Cowater International has enriched our institutional expertise, diversified our portfolio of projects, and expanded our geographic reach.

Through our Cowater International Brussels office, we are delighted to be an implementer of EU-funded projects that focus on strengthening security and promoting peace, supporting civil society development, enhancing government accountability and public service delivery, and supporting efforts to promote sustainable and green development.

During this week, in celebration of Europe Day, we will be exploring the thematic breadth and impact of EU-funded projects in advancing stronger institutions and better socio-economic opportunities for communities around the world. With over 2500 projects implemented in more than 95 countries, Cowater International’s expertise encapsulates a wide range of economic, human and sustainable development areas grouped across 12 major service lines. In addition to Brussels and Ottawa, Cowater International has regional corporate hubs in London (UK), Montreal and Nairobi. Our commitment is to build a better tomorrow for the people and communities we serve.

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