Cowater International-managed INKLUSI Program Inaugurates Fully Accessible Office Space News

1 September, 2022

After 18 months of remote work, the Australia-Indonesia Partnership Towards an Inclusive Society (INKLUSI) Program, funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), welcomed program and DFAT staff, Bappenas, Government of Indonesia officials and local program partners to its new, inclusive and fully accessible workspace. The event took place in person, on August 4th, and was live streamed online with the participation of an ASL interpreter.

Aligning with the core values and goals of the INKLUSI Program, the office was designed with ramps, automatic doors, accessible parking spaces and washrooms, tactile flooring and other inclusive elements like a mushola, parent room/nursery and gender-neutral bathrooms. The office was thoughtfully constructed to provide an accessible, safe and comfortable space for all individuals.

Moreover, the office was built to include a set of 10.355-watt solar panels to harness green energy and reduce electricity consumption in line with both Indonesia’s and DFAT’s climate change commitments.

INKLUSI is a DFAT-funded program managed by Cowater International. The program supports Indonesian women and marginalized groups to equitably participate in and benefit from Indonesia’s social, economic, and political opportunities. For more information on the INKLUSI Program, please contact:

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