Cowater is selected by GIZ to design and deliver training to mining tax inspectors in Mali. News

25 July, 2018

Cowater is proud to announced it has been selected by GIZ to train mining tax inspectors in Mali. Mali is the third largest producer of gold in Africa, and extractive industries accounted for 61% of exports and 12% of tax revenue. Efficient and fair taxation of the sector is essential for both Mali’s tax revenue and providing a predictable tax environment. This project will help ensure that Malian tax inspectors are fully competent to conduct tax inspections in the mining sector. With dozens of taxes to consider, highly complex international revenue streams and large international firms, the mining sector is one of the most challenging for the Malian state.

We have mobilised a team of international and Malian experts, specialised in mining tax inspection, mining fiscal regimes, accounting and capacity-building. Our team has already begun its work in July 2018 with an evaluation of needs amongst the various state agencies involved, as well as consultations with stakeholders throughout the mining value chain. We will present our findings and training plan to a workshop bringing together government, companies and civil society in September. Once validated, our team will deliver a comprehensive set of trainings to the tax inspectors.

The project began in June 2018 and is set to finish in December 2018, with a total budget of EUR 144,000.

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