Deputy Minister’s visit highlights Canada’s support for Bangladeshi nursing sector News

27 May, 2024

Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 26, 2024 – A delegation from Canada, including Mr. Christopher MacLennan, Deputy Minister of International Development, Canada and Dr. Lilly Nicholls, High Commissioner of Canada to Bangladesh, visited the Mohakhali College of Nursing in Dhaka. The visit highlighted Canada’s strong commitment to improving the nursing sector through the ongoing ProNurse Project, implemented by Cowater International. The delegation included development officials from the High Commission of Canada to Bangladesh, senior representatives of the Directorate General of Nursing and Midwifery, Bangladesh, representatives of the Mohakhali College of Nursing and ProNurse Team Leader, Dr. Selina Amin.

The objectives of the visit were to learn more about the future site of Bangladesh’s first Nurse Teacher Training Centre, funded by Canada in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh, and meet with key stakeholders in the nursing sector to witness how ProNurse is improving the quality and status of nursing in the country.

Canadian delegation and Bangladeshi officials visit the foundation of the future Nurse Teacher Training Center

A roundtable discussion was held in the recently renovated auditorium of the College of Nursing, which was supported by ProNurse. The meeting explored the policy priorities of the Government of Bangladesh in raising the standards and status of nursing in the country and Canada’s support in improving the educational standards, professional development, and advocacy within the nursing community. The discussion offered a platform for the Canadian delegation to engage directly with nurses and project stakeholders and gain insights into the project’s impact and the future needs of the nursing sector in Bangladesh.

Mr. MacLennan reiterated Canada’s commitment to supporting Bangladesh in raising the overall standards of nursing and had the opportunity to visit the site of the future Nurse Teacher Training Center.

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