FORMER Cuba Project hosts the Second International Symposium on Gender and Renewable Energy in Holguin News

28 April, 2023

Cowater International-led “Enhancing Women’s Leadership and Participation in Cuba’s Renewable Energy Sector” (FORMER-Cuba) Project, an initiative of the governments of Canada and Cuba, is hosting the Second International Symposium on Gender and Renewable Energy from April 25-28, 2023, in Holguín.

The event brings together speakers from the Ministry of Energy and Mines of the Republic of Cuba (MINEM), team members from Costa Rica, Honduras, Peru and Canada, and a host of recognized experts on inclusion of women in the energy sector from Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras and Canada.

FORMER Project aims to contribute to the socio-economic development of women and vulnerable communities through the use of renewable energy in Cuba and will be showcasing examples of successful interventions in Cuba. Safa Madi, Project Team Leader for the Generating Revenue Opportunities for Women and Youth in the West Bank (GROW) Project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, will be higlighting GROW’s approach to promoting RE solutions in the West Bank.

The Symposium will also be opportunity to present the results of the recent Study to Identify Gender Gaps in the RE Sector in Holguin and will award the students and teachers of the Universities of Holguin and Moa who undertook technical and research work in RE and gender.

The Second Symposium is being organized in conjunction with the XI International Scientific Conference, the XVII International Congress of Foreign Languages, Communication and Culture and the International Seminar on Canadian Studies (WEFLA-SECAN) promoted by the University of Holguin. The opening ceremony was attended by H.E. Geoff Gartshore, Canada’s Ambassador to Cuba.

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