Advisory Support for the Senegal-Luxembourg Indicative Cooperation Programme – Lot 2 Vocational and Technical Training

Sub-Saharan Africa - Senegal

2020-2022 | Lux-Dev |

The objective of this framework contract, implemented by Cowater International (formerly Transtec), is to strengthen the actors operating in vocational and technical training at the central and decentralised levels, in standardisation, supervision and support for the implementation of training mechanisms for the private sector. More specifically, the framework operates in the following areas: proposal drafting for legal frameworks for training centres; preparation of budgets and strategic development plans; training of vocational training centres’ management teams; management of public-private partnerships; carrying out of sectoral studies; sneeds assessments; and training curricula and certification procedures analysis and adaptation. The framework also supports for development of a national strategy for the Ministry of Vocational Training, Apprenticeship and Crafts to support the integration of young people and the development of tools for monitoring the insertion for vocational training centres.

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