Assessment of the Scope, Scale and Impacts of Marine Plastics Pollution on Key Blue Economy Sectors in Pacific Island Countries

Oceania - Pacific

2022-2023 | World Bank | USD 294,600

Marine plastic pollution and plastic waste threaten the economy, environment, and society in Pacific Island Countries (PICs). Marine plastic pollution is considered one of the most serious threats to the health and economic potential of the world’s oceans. Marine-based economic sectors, including fisheries, tourism and maritime transport, are among the most important drivers of economic growth, jobs, and livelihoods in PICs. Yet the marine, coastal, and terrestrial resources on which these sectors depend are suffering serious damage from pollution and waste from both land and sea-based sources. This Project assessed of the scope, scale, types and impacts of marine plastics pollution from and on the key Blue Economy sectors of fisheries, tourism, and maritime transport in PICs. The results have generated knowledge to inform decision making, policies, and investment planning for reducing the impacts of plastic waste in PICs.

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