Audit Act Review Project

South and South-East Asia - Brunei

2001-2001 | Commonwealth Secretariat |

In 2001 Cowater undertook this small project to review Brunei’s Audit Act to update it to reflect changes in the public sector environment and to bring the Act in line with INTOSAI Auditing Standards as well as current international and Commonwealth developments in public sector auditing. It also involved a study of the Companies Act with respect to the appointment of “authorized” auditors for companies established under the Act and proposed a means to enable the Auditor General to audit these government owned enterprises. Cowater produced a draft of an amended Audit Act to comply with INTOSAI standards, and suggested changes to the Companies Act as well as a document outlining requirements for implementing the proposed amendments, including an assessment of the Audit Office’s human resources capacity to fulfill the expanded mandate and a long-term strategic and training plan.

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