Cooperation Agreement with Audit Institution – Ministry of Planning and Investment Project

South and South-East Asia - Vietnam

2005-2006 | DFID | USD 100,000

Cowater worked with Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment from 2005-2006 on this DFID-funded, USD $100 000 project. Cowater supported the Ministry in the development of an independent and transparent audit and inspection function over its planning and investment activities. It developed institutional arrangements to create the Ministry of Planning and Investment Inspectorate (MPII), effectively a new internal audit department. The new Inspectorate became responsible for conducting technical inspections on the delivery of programs and activities within Ministry’s sphere of operations, which includes large-scale infrastructure projects, procurements and the licensing and registration of new business enterprises. The project further supported the new unit through the design of the new unit’s methodologies and audit guidelines, undertook comprehensive training activities for MPII staff from all 64 provincial inspectorates, and helped conduct and evaluate a range of pilot inspections.

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