Developement of Mali’s National Environment and Climate Change Finance Strategy

Sub-Saharan Africa - Mali

2018-2019 | African Development Bank | CAD 0.14 M

The “Élaboration de la Stratégie Nationale de Financement de l’Environnement (SNFE)” project in Mali was an initiative undertaken with the financial support of the African Developement Bank (AfDB) in partership with the Agence de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable (AEDD). This study directly supported the vision adopted by Mali’s Ministry of Environment and Sanitation to reducing environmental degradation, promote the participation of the environmental sector in the national economy, and support the socio-economic well-being of populations in the fight against poverty and for adaptation and mitigation to climate change. This study set the groundwork for Mali to access financial and technical support for the implementation of their national plan of action, and coordinate actions to improve the resilience of communities in urban and rural areas.

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