Enhance Capacities of Regional Intergovernmental Organisations (RIOs), Eastern & Southern Africa regions: CPMR: Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution

Sub-Saharan Africa - Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda,

2008-2012 | European Commission | EUR 1.1 M

The objective of this programme was to prevent the outbreak and escalation of violent conflicts with regional dimensions and to mitigate the worst effects of conflict in the Eastern and Southern African region and thereby contribute to an enabling environment for economic development and poverty reduction. Cowater International (formerly Transtec) provided technical assistance to design IGAD’s Security Sector Programme (ISSP), focusing on four major areas: cooperation in countesubsubr terrorism; cooperation in combating organised crime in money laundering, illicit trade in weapons, human trafficking, drug trafficking, cyber-crime and corruption; cooperation to Counter Piracy; and security sector reform and capacity building. Cowater International built the foundation of the ISSP and developed the capacity for forecasting, managing and preventing contemporary security threats in the region, subsequently becoming a catalyst for regional economic integration. The project addressed the issue of how Security Sector Reform and capacity tackled key public security management concerns, finalised the IGAD Peace and Security Strategy Plan, bridged Conflict Prevention, Management, and Resolution (CPMR) with the African Peace and Security Architecture (ASPA), assisted in conflict prevention and resolution activities, and formulated the CPMR Regional monitoring and evaluation system.

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