Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) Global Validator

Europe and Central AsiaLatin America and CaribbeanMiddle East and North AfricaSouth and South-East AsiaSub-Saharan Africa - Global

2018-2021 | EITI International Secretariat | USD 64 000

Cowater was the EITI Global Validator for 2018-2020, with the responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the Validation process. In 2019, we validated 15 countries, working closely with the Oslo secretariat to ensure member countries comply with the EITI standard. The EITI process empowers local actors from government, companies and civil society (the MSG) to implement the EITI standard in each country. This independence however must be balanced with the need for a consistent interpretation of the EITI Standard, to maintain its credibility and improve standards in member countries. The Validation process provides this assurance process and keeps MSGs and the Independent Administrators they contract to account, recognising progress made and identifying implementation issues.

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