Improving Environmental Management of Mining and Energy Activities in Peru (MEGAM)

Latin America and Caribbean - Peru

2016-2024 | Global Affairs Canada | CAD 15.3 M

The MEGAM project is a six-year initiative  funded by Global Affairs Canada. The project seeks to improve sustainable economic development for Peruvians, including women and other vulnerable groups, affected by mining and energy activities. Cowater and partner Norda Stelo are providing technical assistance to the Ministry of the Environment and other institutions to streamline how the Peruvian Government handles environmental impact assessments for mining and energy projects while strengthening the rigour and analysis of these assessments. The project will enable the creation and improvement of government procedures, regulations and practices, and promote environmental compliance of mining activities. The project will have three main results: (1) a streamlined framework for transparent and efficient Environmental Assessment and Management (EAM) process for mining and energy activities, integrating the rights of women and vulnerable groups; (2) improved capacity for coordination and information sharing among key national and regional institutions during the EAM process of mining and energy activities; (3) enhanced internal management and operational capacity of Peruvian authorities for the EAM process of mining and energy activities.

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