Installation of Performance Management Systems in Tanzania’s Lead Ministries

Sub-Saharan Africa - Tanzania

2002-2005 | World Bank | USD 1.3M

Prior to this project, the Government of Tanzania had launched a Public Service Reform Program to improve service delivery for Tanzanians. Cowater, in association with a local partner, provided expertise to Phase I of the program (2002-2005), which built on the structural and institutional reforms undertaken during an earlier reform program. The objective of the assignment was to undertake and install Performance Management Systems (PMS) through the eight stages of the Performance Improvement Model in eleven key ministries (Finance, Planning and Privatization, Regional Administration and Local Government, the Judiciary, Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Agriculture and Food Security, Civil Service Department, Co-operatives and Marketing, Evaluation and Culture, Health, and Water and Livestock Development). The PMS was designed to clarify and strengthen accountability between supervisors and subordinates; hold staff to account for their performance in terms of outputs and outcomes; and implement output-oriented budgeting. Cowater managed the planning and implementation of the PMS in all eleven ministries. The installation of the PMS in lead ministries, and all the components thereof, were designed to be a collaborative effort between members of the consulting team and those with direct and indirect interest in the relevant ministries, including ministry staff and clients. Specifically, Cowater developed a program detailing expected outputs; communicated the plan with senior management teams in each participating MDA and obtained full approval. That was followed by a Service Delivery Survey of key stakeholders and clients of each MDA. The eleven Ministries were trained to prepare Self Assessments, Strategic Plans, Service Charters, Annual Operating Plans, Performance Agreements, and M&E Systems. Cowater’s team also provided appropriate methodologies and expertise to train 5,000 employees in the implementation of the Open Performance Review and Appraisal system.

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