Institutional Capacity Building Project for Government Effectiveness

Sub-Saharan Africa - Burundi

2018-2018 | World Bank | CAD 0.325 M

Cowater supported the Tax Policy Division of the Government of Burundi in the operationalization of its missions through the implementation of the Institutional Capacity Building Project for Government Effectiveness Project. To achieve this goal, three lines of action were defined: (1) the establishment of a medium-term fiscal policy strategy; (2) the revision and codification of all tax laws; (3) the establishment of a communication strategy between all stakeholders on tax issues. As a result of this project, the implementation of a medium-term fiscal policy strategy strengthened the division management system; a single document regrouping all revised and codified tax law texts was producsed; and a communication strategy action plan and a communication system were operationalised between the public administration and the private sector. This contributed to improve transparency in the regulation, collection and management of tax revenues.

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