Monitoring & Evaluation for the Somalia 2013-2017 Humanitarian Programme – MESH I

Sub-Saharan Africa - Somalia

2014-2018 | FCDO | GBP 6.1 M

Cowater International (formerly Transtec) designed and implemented the Third Party Monitoring system for FCDO’s Humanitarian programme in Somalia (2013-2017). This programme aimed to reduce the food insecurity of vulnerable populations in Somalia and to provide quality and timely emergency humanitarian assistance to those in need. Cowater’s Monitoring & Evaluation activities included: a comprehensive analytical framework; an examination and establishment of data standards across partner activities; integrated M&E surveys and instruments; statistical measurement of diverse and incomplete data sets; and implemented and utilized an on-line platform using mobile data collection across all partners and sub-partners to ensure that primary data was collected directly from on-going activities. This highly integrated and cutting-edge M&E framework placed greater emphasis on the use of technology to capture large amounts of data over time efficiently and effectively. By using mobile data collection and a robust on-line analytical framework, Cowater was able to select data from partner activities in near ‘real time’ and to aggregate that data so that FCDO could analyse Programme performance as a whole and by specific partners, activities, or localities. In addition to this innovative monitoring platform the project included a series of impact-oriented evaluations, programmatic evaluations, and real time evaluations for issues and problems as they emerged.

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