Strategic Provincial Investment Plans and Project Preparation for Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Health

South and South-East Asia - Pakistan

1988-1990 | World Bank | USD 0.8 M

Access to water and sanitation was far lower in Pakistan than it was in relatively poorer countries of the South Asian region in the 1980s. This project was comprised of two parts, the first involving a Rural Health, Water Supply and Sanitation Sectoral Review; and the second, the creation of Strategic Provincial Investment Plans and Project Preparation. Both were part of a largely donor-driven process to address water and sanitation inequities. The Sectoral Review confirmed the poor coverage, analysed its reasons and proposed a strategy to address its causes. The second project built upon findings of the first, to develop six separate plans for all provinces and territories. The sector review led to a major project preparation activity executed by the World Bank covering the whole of Pakistan.The objective of the Strategic Provincial Investment Plans was to analyse the entire water supply, health and sanitation sector of Pakistan with a view to preparing strategic investment plans, carrying out project preparation, and identifying donors for funding. This project covered some 70 million rural inhabitants of the country. Its first phase consisted of Strategic Investment Plans for rural water, sanitation and health covering a 15-year period providing water supply and sanitation coverage to nearly all the unserved rural population. Specific projects were then prepared in each province/area for the first seven years of the plan giving details required for appraisal by external support agencies. This preparatory work has now led to a World Bank loan of $124 million.

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