Tax Transformation Programme (TTP)

Sub-Saharan Africa - Ethiopia

2019-2024 | FCDO | GBP 28M

Cowater is delivering this FCDO-funded project with the Government of Ethiopia (GoE). The overall objective of this project is to raise tax revenues towards 17.2% of GDP in a responsible and equitable manner. The scope of TTP will be to cover all areas related to revenue policy and administration in Ethiopia, including domestic tax and customs. This project has interlinked outcomes; creating an equitable and business friendly tax environment; improving voluntary compliance and increasing GoE revenues. To meet these outcomes, TTP will establish working relationships with the programme’s key beneficiaries; Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Revenue, and the Customs Commission as well as the Prime Minister’s Office, in particular the Policy Performance Unit.

TTP’s role will be to support the capacity needs of these beneficiaries and work with other technical assistance providers that FCDO funds, such as the Tax Transformation Office located within the Ministry of Revenue, while simultaneously building the capacity of key beneficiaries.

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