Technical assistance to the Borj-Cédria Science and Technology Park Development Project

Middle East and North Africa - Tunisia

2018-2019 | JICA | EUR 0.726M

This project implemented by Cowater International (formerly Transtec) aimed to support the Borj-Cédria Technopole in its positioning as an efficient and effective national and international player promoting innovation and research, development and production of tangible and intangible goods, utilizing a high level of expertise and technology. It aimed to develop a centre of excellence and a model for international development and scientific cooperation. Through this technical assistance, Cowater International provided support for: the study and implementation of expertise and testing platforms; promotion of research and the development of relationships within the research industry; industrial and intellectual property; quality certification and accreditation; and establishing partnerships and innovation networks bringing together research structures, training structures and companies in the areas of expertise of the research centre.

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