Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Justice, Law, and Human Rights of Benin

Sub-Saharan Africa - Benin

2011-2014 | European Commission | EUR 2.8M

The Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Justice, Law, and Human Rights (MJLHR) of Benin (as part of the Project to Support Judicial Reform) Project supported the updating of the judiciary system reform strategy, which had been developed by actors from the sector, under the coordination of the Ministry of Justice, Law, and Human Rights (MJLHR). In addition, it aimed to build the Ministry’s administrative and institutional capacities at the central, as well as decentralised levels, to improve planning and the implementation of the sector strategy . Cowater International (formerly Transtec) modernised and streamlined the operations and management procedures of the Ministry of Justice and courts; defined and implemented a policy for the computerisation of the Ministry of Justice; and updated the strategy for reforming the legal and judicial systems.

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