Third Party Monitoring of Delivery of Community Engagement Activities in Recently Recovered Areas

Sub-Saharan Africa - Somalia

2017-2020 | FCDO | GBP 329 000

Cowater International (formerly Transtec) designed a responsive facility to deliver Third Party Monitoring services on behalf of the FCDO’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund’s Somalia Stabilisation Programme. The programme facilitated a community-engagement focused approach by AMISOM (AU Mission to Somalia) and SSF (Somalia Security Forces), leading to improved grassroots reconciliation which supported the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) / Federal Member States (FMS) reconciliation processes. Throughout the implementation of this contract Cowater conducted 5 major TPM assessments: an initial mission to measure the effectiveness of preventing the recruitment and use of children during armed conflict training; a second mission to assess the effectiveness of community-based liaison officers’ support to AMISOM; s third assessment on the usage and possible impacts of National and State Stabilisation plans; a fourth to measure the effectiveness of gender awareness training delivered to Somali national security forces between; and a finall assessment on the use of the Fragility Index and Maturity Model and the effectiveness of its application by government.

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