Ukraine Program Evaluation

Europe and Central Asia - Ukraine

2004-2004 | Global Affairs Canada | CAD 52,000

The “Ukraine Program Evaluation” project was a six-month, CAD 52,000 initiative undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The initiative completed a Ukraine country program evaluation aimed to provide the agency’s Central and Eastern European Branch and senior management with an independent evaluation of the CAD 265M program. The program covered sectors ranging from economic integration, democratic development and governance to rule of law, peace, and security. Cowater was responsible for developing the evaluation’s workplan and evaluation framework; data collection and analysis (literature and documentation review, interviews and field visits); conducting an exhaustive profile of Canadian Technical Cooperation in the Ukraine over the period covered by the program; generating three sector studies; and writing a synthesis report summarizing findings from the thematic studies and profile.

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