Mark Redwood

Mark Redwood M.U.P., B.A (Hons)

Executive Vice President - Water, Climate & Environment Division

Mark Redwood is an urban and environmental planner with 15 years of experience and specializes in water, sanitation, and climate change. Prior to joining Cowater International as the VP of Water, Sanitation & Environment, Mr. Redwood worked at Canada`s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) leading programs on water, climate change and cities. Specifically, Mr. Redwood led the design and implementation of a $75M initiative of 120 projects across the globe focused on managing the impacts of climate change on developing countries. He has published and edited articles and books on climate change and cities, water management and wastewater use. He holds a master’s degree from McGill University’s urban planning program. He is an expert in climate change, water management, adaptation, urban land-use planning, and sanitation. Mr. Redwood provides senior management support and supervision to headquarters personnel, field team leaders and project managers in the following areas:

  • National and subnational water supply strategy and policy development
  • Large-scale engineering design and construction management
  • Urban, peri-urban, and rural water supply systems and planning
  • Sanitation promotion with health and hygiene education
  • Water sector governance and policy development
  • National and trans-boundary integrated water resources management
  • Strengthening community management of infrastructure and water sector governance
  • National monitoring and evaluation
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT) for improved service delivery
  • Mobile and GIS mapping

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