Wilson Pearce

Wilson Pearce M.A., B.A. (Hons)

Executive Vice President - Local Governance & Economic Development Division

As Vice President, Mr. Pearce oversees Cowater’s projects in the local governance, economic development and public utilities sectors. Mr. Pearce has 25 years of experience in international management and management consulting, having designed and implemented governance, organizational change, economic development, business transformation and training solutions with public and private sector clients in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, and North America. His experience in governance and economic development has included the creation of products and services for delivery under a variety of commercial models, including concessions and alternate service delivery (ASD) frameworks. Prior to joining Cowater, Mr. Pearce developed and delivered client and investor funded projects in the areas of infrastructure, business transformation and change management. He has also worked closely with a variety of multilateral agencies, including the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, African Development Bank, IBRD, plus various other Canadian trade and development agencies and departments. He brings his expertise to the oversight and management of all projects under the following Cowater service areas:

  • Municipal financial management and revenue enhancement
  • Strengthening urban/local governance, services and public utilities
  • Urban planning and land administration
  • Sustainable economic development programs
  • Private sector investment and PPPS
  • Renewable energy policies and programs
  • National, subnational and local natural resource management and regulations

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