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18 May, 2023

On May 16-17, Cowater International hosted the presentation of a book, authored by Ghislaine Larouche, in our Ottawa and Montreal offices. “Une femme sans Frontières” (A Woman Without Borders) is an energizing story of intellectual curiosity and exploration. It brings to life the author’s desire to challenge the status quo and push the frontiers of learning and experience. Ghislaine’s love for people, places and building a better tomorrow for communities across the world comes together to highlight the journey of a passionate development practitioner and globetrotter.

Ghislaine Larouche (center) and Cowater International Ottawa-based staff

With approximately 40 years of experience in international development, Ghislaine’s career path has taken her from a working-class family in East Montreal, where she learned to dream about the world, to the World Bank, from where she started exploring the world. Ghislaine worked for the World Bank in Washington DC from 1970-80, followed by another three decades of international development experience working on a wide range of projects covering institutional and organizational development, higher education, governance, public sector reform, natural resource management, community development and other sectors. She has worked with UNDP, Global Affairs Canada (previously CIDA), the Asian Development Bank, Luxembourg Development and a wide range of international NGOs. She spent 15 years across West Africa, and another 15 years working in South-East Asia. From 2011-14, Ghislaine Larouche was the Team Leader for Cowater International’s Local Leadership for Development Project in Indonesia. The author holds a PhD in Adult Education from the University of Montreal and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning from McGill University.

Ghislaine’s motivation in writing “Une femme sans Frontières” (A Woman Without Borders) was to interest and inspire people to pursue their dreams in the field of international development.

The book can be purchased online at:

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