Report corruption, fraud, human trafficking, harassment, and other violations via the hotline.

Cowater is committed to operating ethically. Everyone working for or on behalf of Cowater anywhere in the world, are expected to conduct themselves professionally and within the law. To ensure full compliance with this approach, we encourage an environment of openness and transparency while providing a mechanism for our employees, partners, stakeholders or any other party to communicate a concern about any behaviour, practice, activity or conduct which may contravene our corporate standards and Code of Conduct.

Reporting Concerns

This page provides an anonymous method to report any concern related to our operations and possible breaches of corporate policies and procedures or suspected violations of laws and regulations.  This may include but is not limited to fraud, corruption or bribery, human trafficking, slavery, child abuse, harassment and discrimination, conflicts of interest, financial malpractice, significant environmental, health and safety concerns.

If you are working for the Company and have a concern related to our Code of Conduct or any violation, you are encouraged to speak to your supervisor, your supervisor’s supervisor, human resources, any member of the Management Committee, or the CEO in the first instance.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, the form below provides an alternative communication channel.

When reporting a concern, please provide as much detail as possible.  Your information will be treated in confidence. You are able to remain completely anonymous if that is your preference, but this may impede the investigation of your concern. We encourage you to identify yourself and engage with the process to support the Company’s investigation regarding your concern.

The Company will treat all reports of misconduct seriously.  However, these reporting channels cannot be used to bring fraudulent, malicious, or bad-faith complaints against employees.  Appropriate actions will be taken against anyone who is found to have made a report maliciously, in bad faith, for something they know to be untrue, or without reasonable grounds for believing that the information supplied was accurate.

Whistleblowing report

Issue or Complaint*

    While you do not need to provide your name and contact details, we encourage you to so that we may follow up as necessary as part of our investigation. All information will be held in full confidence and will not be shared with any party associated with the allegation or beyond the authority responsible for investigation.