Ethics and Safeguards

Cowater International is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards. As a company, we conduct business with honesty, integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws.

We have developed and implemented these key best practice policies to ensure we meet and often exceed our statutory obligations. Any inquiries or complaints can be sent to or by completing a submission form under “Whistleblower” (

Anti-corruption and fraud

Wherever it exists, corruption and fraud undermine the health and credibility of social, economic, and democratic institutions. Cowater International considers corruption and fraud a major constraint on development in many countries. We take the necessary steps to eliminate any form of corruption or fraud from our practices including, but not limited to, criminal offences, official misconduct, bribery, blackmail, kickbacks, unfair dealings, unauthorized use of confidential information, fraud, and theft.

Anti-human trafficking and modern slavery

As a global development organization, our projects require us to mobilize personnel, source equipment, allocate resources and maintain operations in very difficult working environments. We recognize the risks of human trafficking and modern slavery in our supply chains. We ensure anti-trafficking and slavery principles are upheld.

Anti-Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Carbon Reduction Plan

Cowater International is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. Cowater recognizes the risks that climate change poses to our efforts to support a better tomorrow for people and economies. We acknowledge two related facts: firstly, that climate change is a present and ongoing challenge to sustainable development; and secondly, that the development sector both contributes to building environmental sustainability and climate resilience, but also includes a high carbon cost in its operations. Our emphasis is to support the shift towards a low-carbon economy through environmentally smart corporate operations and projects that help protect natural resources and deliver additional environmental benefits, while also supporting employment and responsible growth.

Carbon Reduction Plan

Child Protection

Our company is committed to ensuring that its services, activities and operations are conducted in a manner that upholds the international principles of child protection and children’s rights in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We protect children from exploitation and abuse in the implementation of projects that involve working with children and/or contact with children.

Data Protection

Cowater International’s Data Protection Programme (DPP) has been created to respond to the various key legislations that govern Cowater International in the area of privacy and data protection, including the Personal Information Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) in Canada and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the EU and the UK.

Privacy Notice for Talent Acquisition

Privacy Notice for Website Use

Do No Harm and Conflict Sensitivity

Cowater International recognises that care must be taken to ensure that any aid “Does No Harm” in terms of environmental, social, or economic impacts. Cowater International ensures that its activities protect the welfare and livelihoods of people and communities, including women, children, people with a disability and indigenous peoples. Additionally, Cowater International strives to integrate the principles of Conflict Sensitivity in any activity to ensure our work is at least conflict neutral, if not reducing the factors that drive conflict.

Duty of Care

Cowater International is committed to the legal and ethical obligation of “Duty of Care”, actively taking responsibility for the safety and security of our personnel. Cowater International’s Duty of Care goes beyond compliance with national and client regulations, conducting International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 31000 standard Security Risk Assessments (SRAs) to develop comprehensive, intelligent and value for money security risk management systems. Cowater International’s risk management capability has been critical in our success in implementing projects globally, including in fragile and conflict affected states.

Environment and climate change

Cowater International is conscious of its responsibility towards effective stewardship of the environment. We are committed to: i) fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions overtime; ii) ensuring 100% compliance with donor requirements and local environmental laws, in the countries where we operate; and iii) encouraging good environment practices both within the company, throughout our supply chain, and throughout all stages of project design and delivery. We aspire to efficiently manage corporate and project level environmental risks and leverage every opportunity to generate positive environmental impact.

Environmental Policy Statement

Gender equality and social inclusion

Cowater is firmly committed to advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, while practicing and promoting non-discrimination of all kinds. We are taking numerous steps to support gender equality and social inclusion across all of its projects and operations. We support the promotion and achievement of equality between girls and boys, men and women, irrespective of sex, age, religion, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual identity/orientation, economic status, or ability/disability.

Gender equality and Social Inclusion Policy

Promoting positive work environments

Cowater International is committed to promoting a positive work environment by fostering a culture of fair and ethical behaviour. Cowater International values integrity, equity, respect, compassion, and dignity and is committed to provide positive, open, inclusive, accessible work environments that apply and embody those values regardless of location. We strictly prohibit and have zero tolerance for any types of workplace violence, discrimination, harassment, bullying and wilfully creating barriers to providing an accessible and inclusive workplace.


Cowater International is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all individuals either delivering or benefiting from its projects. Cowater International has a moral, ethical and legal responsibility to its personnel, beneficiaries and clients to ensure that it upholds a zero-tolerance approach to sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment. We investigate such incidences promptly and thoroughly and take firm disciplinary action accordingly.

Please contact us at to receive the most recent version of our code of conduct.