Customs, trade and investment climate

Strengthening the trade and investment environment for sustainable economic growth

We develop and implement transformative programming and strategies that contribute to trade policy development, trade and investment facilitation, and strengthening the business enabling environment to promote growth and economic development.

Our approach involves working collaboratively with both governments and the private sector to create mutually beneficial trading environments. We help governments develop trade policy dialogues and assist with the facilitation of trade negotiations by removing barriers to trade.

Our programming contributes to increased market access for exporters, increased opportunities for investment, greater global economic integration, increased economic efficiency, greater competitiveness and overall market growth.

Customs and Trade Facilitation

Facilitating the movement of legitimate trade whilst protecting borders, through the sharing of data, mutual cooperation, and intelligence-driven risk management. A modern, well-functioning customs system supports…

Investment Climate

Policy, legal, and institutional reforms intended to improve the functioning of markets, reduce transaction costs and risks associated with doing business. Addressing the legal, regulatory, administrative…


Supporting trade policy dialogue, trade negotiations, investment and the removal of barriers to trade. Global integration creates opportunities and challenges for countries in terms of trade…