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We believe in locally driven change. This has been the force behind our work and the inspiration we harness when designing and implementing every project. Combined with multidisciplinary expertise, curiosity and private sector execution, we are intent on solving the most complex development challenges.

Our story started on a canoe trip in Algonquin park, Canada, more than 35 years ago. Since then, we have implemented more than 800 projects in 80 countries. Today, we are global leaders in development consulting and project implementation.  We support state modernization in Latin America and bring water supply infrastructure to remote communities in conflict-affected Sahel. We collaborate with smallholder farmers in Indonesia to make their produce comply with international standards so they can access global supply chains.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards as well by bringing world-class technical expertise to all projects on top of flawless project management. We embrace challenges such as working in unstable environments or forging partnerships where none existed before because we believe in building a better tomorrow.

We are a team of 600 international development experts united in delivering this promise every step of the way.


Our strengths

As the largest and most technically diversified international development consulting company in Canada, we deliver positive results that generate positive social, economic and environmental impacts. We possess internationally recognised and award-winning experience at the policy, program and project levels allowing us to deliver projects that are technically demanding on time and on budget, even in the most complex of environments.

Our partners

We partner with governments, like-minded organizations, local communities and civil society to design and deliver impactful projects. This collaborative approach enables us to build strong relationships, gain a deep understanding of complex political and social dynamics and address local development needs. Our clients include a variety of bilateral donors, multilateral institutions, governments and the private sector.

Our commitment

Managing large-scale projects requires an ability to work across sectors and a commitment to integrate cross-cutting issues such as gender equality, environmental protection, good governance and human rights into project design and implementation. We are committed to bringing an adaptative and systemic outlook to solving complex development challenges and ensuring a ‘do no harm’ approach. We uphold the principles of safeguarding and duty of care to the highest standards ensuring the safety and security of our staff, partners and beneficiaries in all environments, whether stable, fragile or conflict-affected.

Delivering impactful projects for greater prosperity since 1985

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