Cowater International to participate in 11 EU External Action 2023 Framework Contract lots News

31 January, 2024

Cowater International is delighted to announce that the European Union’s Directorate General for Intenational Partnerships recently signed the contracts related to the implementation of the Framework Contract Services for EU’s External Action 2023 (FWC SEA 2023).

Cowater International participates in a total of 11 lots:

Lot 01: Climate Change, Sustainable Energy, Nuclear Safety (Leader)

Lot 03: Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition (Leader)

Lot 05: Science, Technology, Innovation and Digital (Partner)

Lot 06: Macro-Economic Analysis, Fiscal Policies, Budget Support (Partner)

Lot 08: Sustainable Finance and Blended Finance (Leader)

Lot 09: Democracy, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Gender Equality and Human Rights Based Approach (Leader)

Lot 10: Civil Society and Local Authorities (Partner)

Lot 11: Security, Conflict Prevention, Sustaining Peace and Building Resilience (Partner)

Lot 12: Education, Culture and Youth (Partner)

Lot 13: Health, Social Inclusion and Protection, Inequalities (Partner)

Lot 15: Monitoring (Partner)

If you are interested in applying for one or several lot(s), we invite you to upload your CV following this link:

For more information about Cowater International’s ongoing opportunities visit:


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