Cowater Establishes Permanent Presence in Australia News

28 November, 2017

While attending the opening of Export Development Canada’s Sydney office, David Baron, CEO of Cowater International Inc. announced the company’s establishment of a permanent presence in Australia. Cowater Australia will provide project and operational support to the company’s growing project portfolio in the Asia Pacific Region and with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

“Establishing Cowater Australia has been a priority for some time as DFAT is one of our key clients and we have had considerable growth in the Asia-Pacfic region” noted CEO David Baron following kickoff meetings with Cowater Australia’s Regional Representative, Rob Kennedy.

“While we have managed to provide excellent services up to this point, we recognize the importance of having a fulltime presence in Australia. We are committed to being flexible, responsive and ensuring the delivery of high quality services expected of Cowater.” Cowater recently signed its fifteenth Australian-funded initiative and fourth major DFAT project, a reflection of a strong alignment between DFAT programming and the company’s expertise and values. Cowater’s DFAT portfolio to date has included implementing a public sector reform program in the Philippines, citizen engagement and social service delivery programming in Pakistan and ongoing and upcoming women’s empowerment programs in Indonesia and Vietnam.

Cowater Australia adds to other recent expansion initiatives by the Canada headquartered company including a newly established office in Pretoria, South Africa. Cowater is a global leader in management consulting services, focusing on developing and emerging economies. As an international development consulting firm, Cowater has developed a reputation of excellence for its ability to work with clients and stakeholders to provide leading-edge solutions and services tailored to the needs and challenges faced by developing and transitional countries in a modern and changing world.

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