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13 October, 2020

October 2020 – Cowater International and CIVIPOL are pleased to announce that they have completed a deal in which Cowater has acquired Belgium based Transtec from CIVIPOL. Transtec is amongst the European Union’s most active firms in development assistance. This acquisition will combine the international development portfolio of Transtec and Cowater and will bolster Cowater’s presence in the EU market and expand Transtec’s technical expertise and reach.

For CIVIPOL, the specialized technical implementor of the French Ministry of the Interior, “This sale confirms the strategy initiated in 2018 to refocus its activities on the fundamentals of homeland security and continue to work with foreign partner countries to identify solutions to shared security challenges”, declared Yann Jounot, CEO of CIVIPOL. “Following an extensive process, we are pleased to have a buyer such as Cowater to carry forward the success of Transtec.”

“In welcoming Transtec to the Cowater family, we will enhance our experience to more than 95 countries and broaden our already deep technical skills to address the key priorities of our clients and beneficiaries to meet the needs of a dynamic and changing world” noted Cowater CEO, David Baron. “With the alignment of our technical expertise, management approach and commitment to international development, this collaboration with Transtec is a perfect fit for our collective vision to address some of the world’s most challenging issues and improve the lives and health of people worldwide.”

Marie-Astrid Corbisier, Managing Director of Transtec added “We are thrilled to join the Cowater team and look forward to expanding our service areas and providing the highest level of support to our clients, projects and partners. Our operating culture and values are aligned with Cowater and this provides a significant added benefit for all our clients and employees. The entire Transtec team is excited and motivated by this acquisition and the strong future ahead of us.”

Transtec will maintain its headquarters and staff in Brussels along with project teams worldwide to continue its work with the European Commission and other clients.

About Cowater International: With its roots in Canada and operating since 1985, Cowater is a global international development consultancy with experience managing and implementing more than 800 projects worldwide.

About Transtec: Transtec is a leading Belgian development consulting company operating internationally. For 35 years, the company has provided professional assistance to development agencies, international organizations and governments worldwide.

About CIVIPOL: CIVIPOL is the technical cooperation operator of the French Ministry of Interior. Combining the efficiency of a private company with the power of its public service mission, Civipol is dedicated to building a safer world by addressing security challenges in cooperation with partner states.

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