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16 November, 2023

Deputy for Human, Community and Cultural Development of the Ministry of National Development Planning/Head of National Development Planning, Amich Alhumami; Chairman of National Research and Innovation Agency, Laksana Tri Handoko; and Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Penny Williams PSM jointly launched an innovative collaboration through the Australian-Indonesian Knowledge Partnership Platform, known as KONEKSI. This visionary initiative marks a substantial leap forward for Indonesia’s research and innovation sector and highlights the shared commitment of these neighboring nations to fostering progress and prosperity through partnership.

Deputy Amich conveyed the KONEKSI program’s transformative potential, adding, “This program is poised to set best practices for the industry and lay the foundations for the creation of a triple helix collaboration between Indonesia and Australia.” The collaboration, which involves government, industry, and research institutions from both countries, will drive the down-streaming of research and development into practical technologies for the benefit of society and national development.

KONEKSI fosters collaborative partnerships by offering grants to Indonesian and Australian institutions for joint research. “I am pleased to launch this new collaboration between Australia and Indonesia on knowledge innovation which brings us together to address socio-economic challenges,” said Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Penny Williams PSM. “KONEKSI has already achieved a significant milestone, awarding 38 research grants on environment and climate change, which involve over 100 Australian and Indonesian collaborators,” she further adds.

KONEKSI supports partnerships that respond to knowledge gaps, particularly enhancing local knowledge, to generate inclusive policies and innovations that are responsive to challenges. Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Nadiem Makarim, expressed his enthusiasm for the KONEKSI program, set to span the next five years. Minister Nadiem noted that the synergy and collaboration within the program will significantly enhance the research ecosystem in both countries. “The KONEKSI program, with research at its core, plays a pivotal role in the knowledge-to-policy and knowledge-to-innovation cycle, ensuring that research conducted by Indonesian higher education institutions has a broader and more profound impact on societ,” said Minister Nadiem.

The collaborative approach within the KONEKSI program offers exciting opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and best practice between two countries. “It fosters the strengthening of networks among researchers and enriches scientific insights,” stated Chairperson of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Laksana Tri Handoko. He emphasised that BRIN is committed to enhancing the quality of research in Indonesia by nurturing an environment conducive to innovation. To this end, BRIN and KONEKSI will forge a joint call to encourage joint research projects, enabling scholars and institutions from both nations to work together on initiatives that will further advance scientific understanding and innovation.

The KONEKSI initiative is a testament to the enduring partnership and shared vision for research and innovation between Australia and Indonesia. Building on the momentum of the first call for proposals on environment and climate change which resulted in extensive Indonesia-Australia partnerships and research for policy and innovation impact, the Government of Indonesia and Government of Australia are pleased to announce the theme for the next call for proposals on digital transformation in health, energy, and food security including blue economy. KONEKSI looks forward to the forthcoming partnerships and innovative solutions generated from this call, set to be launched in the near future.


KONEKSI is a collaborative initiative in the research and innovation sector that supports partnerships between Australian and Indonesian organisations for inclusive and sustainable policy and technology. Supported by the Governments of Australia and Indonesia, the Program promotes equitable research partnerships and leveraging local knowledge to address socio-economic challenges. KONEKSI acts as a vehicle for multidisciplinary solutions by engaging diverse stakeholders from academia, government, civil society, and the private sector. For further information, visit: or contact:

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