Agricultural Support Services

Sub-Saharan Africa - Niger

2019-2023 | MCC | USD 7.9M

The “Agricultural Support Services” project is a four-year funded by the Millennium Challenge Account Niger. The mandate is part of the Niger’s Compact, “Irrigation and Access to Market Project” and has the overall objective to increase the productivity and profitability of agricultural activities in the irrigated perimeter of Konni district and to support expanded agricultural production in newly irrigated areas in Sia and Kouanza districts. The “Agricultural Support Services” focuses on supporting producers to improve production, crop variety, storage, marketing services and increase the sale of value-added products. The project is also strengthening the capacities of producer organizations and cooperatives, savings and women credit groups, youth association and others in and around the irrigated areas of Konni, Sia and Kouanza to improve their economic activities. This will lead to the improvement of the economic and social situation, especially of women and young people, in the villages targetted by the project.

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