Customs Reform and Trade Enhancement Somalia

Sub-Saharan Africa - Somalia

2018-2022 | FCDO | GBP 10.1M

Cowater is currently implementing this FCDO-funded, £10.1 million project (2018-2022) with the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), including the Revenue Department at the Ministry of Finance, the customs entities at Mogadishu airport and port, as well as local and regional partners. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop and improve customs practices, according to international and regional standards, which will result in the growth of available domestic revenues for Somalia and corresponding growth in both government spending and increased trade and investment.
The primary result areas this project include providing support in customs policy and legislative and regulatory reform, working with the customs administration to introduce reforms and improve enforcement mechanisms at major ports and airports, while strengthening the capacity of the customs administration. Overall, this project is building capacity in customs enforcement and compliance, including risk management; anti-smuggling; post-clearance audit; and intelligence; investigation, valuation and declaration. One of the key results for this project will be the development of a Strategic Plan for Compliance and Enforcement.

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