Expert Deployment Mechanism for Trade & Development (EDM)

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2018-2025 | Global Affairs Canada | CAD 16.5M

EDM was designed to maximize inclusive economic growth in developing countries that have trade and investment agreements with Canada. The project is providing targeted technical assistance to recipient countries through up to 700 technical expert deployments over its seven-year duration (2018-2025). Working closely with Global Affairs Canada and its missions overseas, the EDM team is identifying and addressing priority capacity building and reform issues with a high potential to reduce poverty, support gender equality, and increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), women and under-represented groups. As a responsive facility, EDM receives technical assistance requests from eligible governments, private sector groups or civil society organizations, and recruits and deploys third-party technical experts to deliver capacity-building activities. Technical assistance can be provided during exploratory trade or investment discussions, while negotiations are underway, or following the conclusion or ratification of an agreement. EDM is managed and implemented by Cowater in collaboration with the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC).

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