Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Project (SEED)

Middle East and North Africa - Jordan

2016-2024 | Global Affairs Canada | CAD 26.3m

SEED, funded by Global Affairs Canada and the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund, promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth for poor and disadvantaged groups in the Jordan Valley and Ajloun regions in Jordan through the uptake of low carbon renewable energy technologies. The project’s achievements to date include 1,200 households accessed finance through the project; 850 solar water heaters installed, and 350 solar panels installed. SEED also supported six schools and health centers in installing renewable energy systems and refurbishing their buildings to improve their energy efficiency. The project is also supporting the construction of two 1MW solar farms through blended finance. Through SEED, 200 engineers were enrolled in internship programs with 30 private sector companies, and three vocational training curricula were developed and provided to the Ministry of Labor to disseminate across its vocational training centers in the country. The project also trained 197 sector professionals in a number of highly specialized certification courses such as smart metering, energy management, energy auditing.

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