Video: Gender Equality in Pakistan – Citizen Engagement for Social Service Delivery Stories

20 January, 2015

“CESSD continues to be an influential factor in changing government decisions and bringing about reforms. With the objective to see more women engaging with civil society, rising up and expressing themselves, over time, what we are starting to see is a gradual shift in attitudes, with men and women across KP sharing common goals, upholding women’s rights, speaking from the heart and implementing those changes that the province really needs.” – JF Beauchesne, CESSD Field Project Manager

CESSD is committed to strengthening the role of civil society in social service delivery, through promoting citizen engagement in collaboration with government departments for effective, gender responsive and socially accountable service delivery in primary education, health and safe water supply.

CESSD has created space for women and men to come together to support women’s rise to leadership and recognize their roles in the management of social services which positively influences their decision-making agency. As is evident in the below video, bridging gender gaps at the community level through action based learning, participation in adult literacy centers, and engagement of religious leaders has been a critical success factor in mobilizing communities and fostering economic growth, social well-being and social stability.

Watch the full video here:


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