Strengthening Investments in Gender-Responsive Climate Adaptation (SIGRA)

Sub-Saharan Africa - Ghana

2023-2028 | Global Affairs Canada | 10m CAD

The Strengthening Investments in Gender-Responsive Climate Adaptation (SIGRA) Project is a Government of Canada-funded initiative that aims to improve the resilience of Ghanaian citizens through increased investments in inclusive and gender-responsive climate adaptation initiatives. SIGRA will operate in Accra, in three districts of the Northern region, and two districts of the Volta region. Key focus areas of the project include:  Strengthening climate adaptation planning, budgeting and governance systems in key institutions within the Ghanaian Public Administration; Financing local gender-responsive climate adaptation initiatives; Strengthening sub-national capacities for adaptation planning; and Partnership with national and local women-led CSOs to increase their capacity and influence on gender responsive climate adaptation.

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