SMEs Promote Resilience, Inclusion and Innovative Transformation (SPRINT)

South and South-East Asia - Vietnam

2023-2029 | Global Affairs Canada | 10.2 m

The SMEs Promote Resilience, Inclusion and Innovation Transformation (SPRINT) Project will aim to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of Ethnic Minority Women (EMW) working in the agriculture sector in Yen Bai, including through the promotion of clean growth. This will be achieved through a series of interventions designed to strengthen the performance of EMW-focused MSMEs, cooperatives, and producer groups in select value chains by responding to critical skills and knowledge gaps, and incentivizing innovation and adoption of Renewable Energy (RE), clean energy & Energy Efficient (EE) solutions among EMW-focused businesses. SPRINT will also work hand in hand with EMW, provincial government actors, communities, and men and boys to support greater agency for EMW, through EMW’s increased access to productive resources, investing in leadership development for EMW, and building the capacity of public, private and community actors to promote EMW’s socio-economic empowerment.

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