Technical Assistance to Support the National Anti-Drug Strategy in Peru

Latin America and Caribbean - Peru

2020-2024 | European Commission | EUR 2.9m

Cowater International (formerly Transtec) is implementing this EU-funded project in Peru, providing technical assistance to Peruvian institutions responsible for implementing the National Anti-Drug Strategy and related policies. It is strengthening the Peruvian Drug Observatory and its information system through the generation of scientific methodologies and the production of information. The project is supporting the National Anti-Drug Strategy and other anti-drug plans and projects by updating and ensuring the quality of indicators aimed at analyzing and evaluating the results of government actions. The project is supproting the gathering of evidence (studies, diagnoses, investigations) to track trends in the drug problem and its various impacts in the national territory. Cowater’s technical assistance is also ensuring that SISCOD (National Information System to Combat Drugs) has validated methodologies and protocols for the registration and analysis of information that contributes to the evaluation of the National Strategy for the Fight against Drugs.

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