Soil and Water Conservation, Crop Production and Communication Organization Structures of the Maroodijeh Upper Catchment

Sub-Saharan Africa - Somaliland

2015-2017 | Somaliland Development Fund | USD 2.1 M

The Maroodijeh Upper Catchment Soil and Water Conservation Project (MUC-SWCP) implemented by Cowater International (formerly Transtec) was an initiative of the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) of the United Kingdom, Denmark and Norway. The goal of MUC-SWCP was to contribute to the sustained livelihoods of target groups by restoring and raising land productivity. This was achieved through the strengthening of existing and new community-based organizations, improving agricultural practices and crop husbandry, and implementing on-farm and off- farm soil and water conservation activities. Soil and water conservation measures included the construction of anti-erosion structures, the demonstration of soil conservation and rainwater harvesting techniques on rangeland, and gulley erosion control.

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